1. COVID-19 Travel Rules to Hawaii

    HAWAII'S PRETEST TRAVEL UPDATE (written by Michelle Baran) Another update to the pretravel testing program is that out-of-state travelers (ages five and older) arriving in Hawaii now need to furnish evidence of a negative FDA-approved nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) result taken within 72 hou…Read More

  2. Things to Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

    If your love for palm trees and ocean breezes rivals none other than your love for your significant other, then a destination wedding might be right for you. Unfortunately, most couples shun the idea of having one due to a preconceived notion that destination weddings are too expensive or too diffic…Read More

  3. Do people tip in Maui?

    Aloha Everyone, I receive this question at least a few times every week. We do understand that to have a wedding on Maui, you are dipping deep into you or your parents savings. Thinking about giving gratuities as well, seems a bit much. For some vendors, service charges may be included right into yo…Read More

  4. Where do I go for local food?

    This is a question we get asked all of the time and to tell the truth when I travel I ask the same question. However, in Hawaii if you are asking about local food, you are actually asking about five types of local food! When the islands were first settled during the pre-contact era which was 300 AD …Read More

  5. Should We Invite Children to our Destination Wedding? YES

    Aloha Everyone, Inviting children to a wedding can become a heated discussion when you are at home. However, at a destination wedding, the answer is Yes. People are traveling a great distance to come to your wedding. Most of them will probably want it to be their family vacation. Why not let them en…Read More

  6. Don’t Take Pele’s Sand!

    Aloha Everyone! One of Maui’s more modern legends is about Pele, the goddess of Fire and Volcanoes and the removal of HER sand and rocks from the islands. We call it a modern legend because some people believe that a ranger in the national park system made it up in the 1930s, to stop people from t…Read More

  7. Money Saving Tips on Planning your Big Day!

    Aloha Everyone, We all know that planning a Wedding or Vow Renewal can get very expensive. Planning a destination Wedding or Vow Renewal can even be more so – but it doesn’t have to be. One big thing to remember is that you are also including your honeymoon/vacation in the planning. When celebra…Read More

  8. Don’t Get Ripped Off!

    This week I had two disturbing conversations. One bride told me that they had booked a rental home in Maui and it turned out to be fraudulent. Unfortunately, they lost a couple of thousand dollars. Another bride told me that she booked with a coordinator who asked for a $1000 deposit and then never …Read More


    One of the first things couples have to do before even thinking what kind of wedding they will have, is to consider THE BUDGET! This will influence your decisions more than anyone or anything else. If you haven’t made one – you need to do that right away! To begin this process you and your fianc…Read More