1. Congratulations – You’re Engaged!

    Congratulations on your big news! You have a very exciting time ahead of you – planning for your wedding. Whether it will be a simple romantic wedding for the two of you, a blow-out extravaganza to celebrate with your friends and family or a destination wedding, there will be planning. As wedding …Read More

  2. Planning a Destination Wedding – Some Hints!

    The best place to start planning your Maui destination wedding is to decide if you would like a beach wedding or are you more interested in a venue wedding. Beach weddings in Maui are the most popular and it just costs $20 for a permit which your coordinator can secure for you. All beaches in Hawaii…Read More

  3. ALOHA – A Way of Life

    When our couples come to Maui to get married or for their vow renewals, they begin realizing we use the word ALOHA to say hello, goodbye and as an expression of love. But Aloha is so much more – it is a way of life. ALOHA really means love, compassion and inner peace. When someone has Aloha, the h…Read More

  4. Why Plan A Destination Wedding?

    At Maui Aloha Weddings we hear many reasons why people want to have a destination wedding. From I don’t want to be married in front of a lot of people I really don’t know well, I’m too nervous to have a big wedding, too much stress, I can’t seat my husband’s relatives next to my relatives,…Read More

  5. Choosing A Wedding Photographer!

    Aloha Brides, Grooms and Friends, Lately we have had some interesting phone calls and emails about weddings. Brides who were married on the mainland are coming to Maui with their gowns just to get wedding photos. True, we have beautiful sunsets and magnificent scenery but that’s not the main reaso…Read More

  6. What to Ask your Wedding Planner?

    I’ve noticed one of our most clicked on buttons on our contact form is “I Don’t Know – Please Help”. When planning a destination wedding or vow renewal, you are putting your very special day into someone’s hands that is far away and hoping that they will do the best for you. What can you…Read More